Case Study: Diplomacy

Case Study: Diplomacy

A before and after case studyof what a Diplomacy Event at your company could do for you: Diplomacy and Meetings

Slightly tired, but still mustering the courage for another exhausting meeting, you order your stack of papers in front of you and check the time.

“09:58,” you muse to yourself. Only one employee has arrived. You knew the rest would start dropping in at 10:04, they always did, talking in little groups talking about their weekend. It was unfortunate that they didn’t mingle more and chatted about common topics.

at 10:08 the meeting started, 8 minutes late and two people absent, one sick, the other on the road. It was only the start of a very long meeting. The first to present their updates were ‘The Logistics Magnets’ one very shy girl with a hushed voice and a passionate woman that couldn’t stay on topic for 5 seconds. Once done, questions followed, and there were many as no one had understood anything.

The BackEnd Riddles’ did good work, however, half of what the first speaker said was ehm’s and eh’s and the other half was a repeat of what he already said. His colleague was possibly even worse as he kept trailing off, and used 5 minutes for something that essentially shouldn’t even be mentioned.

“The Power Pair Front”, could – contrary to the others – hardly work together. They had both good ideas and if they only were able to create a joint super concept, it would be as if the stars aligned. But whenever one spoke, the other would scowl and disagree. The question round was even worse, with outright disagreements and a lot of passive aggressiveness to go around.

Next were “The Admin Appearance”, two very nice guys and competent in what they did but presentations were definitely not their strong suit. insisting on terrible counter intuitive PowerPoint presentations and reading literally off a piece of paper was a sure way for everyone to lose interest. And let’s not even talk about their appearance.

The complete opposite of these two were the “CreaDuo”, responsible for public relations. Their presentations were pretty good, but the contents always seemed to come straight from the brainstorm flipchart. Their ideas were chaos, and so was what they said. No structure, no overview only chaos and equally chaotic questions, and the perfect way to end a chaotic meeting.

Now with The Diplomacy – Enterprise event

Slightly tired, but still mustering the courage for another exhausting meeting, you order your stack of papers and check the time.

“09:58,” you muse to yourself. You look up, and to your surprise, all employees are sitting around the table, posh on time. Everyone is talking to everyone else, and even weirder, addressing each other as countries, and the composition of the groups didn’t make sense either. Well, so much the better, a bit of mingling never hurt anyone.

As always, the first duo to start were “The Logistics Magnets” and to your surprise, the shy girl was not the same shy girl anymore, her timid voice was crystal clear and explained what they had done. She didn’t get off topic, but introduced each point in a pleasant manner. Questions came, and questions got answered by her very energetic colleague, without once going off topic.

The Backend Riddles’ couldn’t be called the riddles anymore as Mr Ehm and Er spoke with intonation, adequate pauses and with almost no filler words. A nice and concise explanation of what was going on with the backend. His colleague answered the question, again staying on topic, short and direct.

Something was strange though and had to be checked using your stopwatch.

“The Power Pair Front”, were even more off a surprise. Both settled in front of the flipchart, and presented their work, together, as a team, giving each other the floor, and in complete agreement, for the very first time. What was happening with this team? Questions came, answers followed.

Then came the The Admin Appearance”, with both of the guys wearing bow-ties and a very nice suit to go with it. No one could say that they didn’t take care of their appearance. Their normally droning voice was replaced with a cheerful tone giving a short overview off numbers (which we all got on paper and there was no PowerPoint presentation) which was followed by some creative ideas on how to move forward.

The final group, the “CreaDuo” also seemed to go through a transformation. Their usually unhinged speech was worked out, precise and with clear proposals. They were flexible and quick to think when their colleagues presented ideas and proposals.

After checking the stopwatch again, it was certain: every single question and answer stayed under 45 seconds.

Never before did you had a meeting that was so incredibly structured and productive. Everyone understood each other and everyone had the drive to do something with this information. Where was this world coming to?

So you asked, what was going on?

The answer apparently was Diplomacy for Enterprises.

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