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Voting on the Governance of the Energy Union

Voting on the Governance of the Energy Union

Piece by piece, the European Union is putting its puzzle together to create a mutually beneficial reality for all member states of the Union. One of those puzzle pieces is the Energy Union. On the 28th of November 2017, the parliament will have a first reading of a legislative document dealing with the governance of the ‘Energy […]

Filling up the Void, an Opportunity for the European Union?

Donald Trump has recently announced that he will sit together with the Canadian Prime Minister – Justin Trudeau – to discuss updating or abolishing the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). This does not come as a surprise, Donald Trump has stated on multiple occasions that he intends to leave or renegotiate this arrangement. NAFTA, […]

Chez Richard

Of course I had taken some French classes in school. For four years. My teacher was a stiff woman with goldfish eyes. In all those years, I had never seen her smile; not once. When I was in Drachten, the reality was Frisian and Dutch. In that order. When I was studying in Groningen later […]

Semolina from Ghent

I had my dream job in my pocket but there were still a couple of hurdles to jump. The party was over, now the serious stuff would start. Because landing your dream job is one thing, keeping it is another. As a Dutchman “with a past,” they would keep an extra close eye on me. […]

Raging Bull

‘Bold people own half of the world’, that is how a Dutch saying goes. Lobbying often requires that boldness. Guts and daringly going for your goals. And sometimes it is the exact opposite. Dutch are often perceived as crude when abroad. In combination with a big mouth, they often miss their goals. Even more so […]
Databases and Lobbying

Databases and Lobbying

What is the added value of database management for lobbying? One is a sophisticated way to store digital information, the other is the art of connecting like-minded parties.Yet, here at Access2Europe, we combine the two, and we do so successfully. We would go even further to assert that Database Management is an important instrument of lobbying. […]
Are You Being Served?

Are You Being Served?

I always refer to De Clercq as my first employer. But that is not true. In psychology, this is called denial, which in this case is not so strange. The reason behind that is that I was really eager to do my first job right. But what kind of job was this? It turned out […]

Case Study: Diplomacy

A before and after case studyof what a Diplomacy Event at your company could do for you: Diplomacy and Meetings Slightly tired, but still mustering the courage for another exhausting meeting, you order your stack of papers in front of you and check the time. “09:58,” you muse to yourself. Only one employee has arrived. […]

The Cow and the Hare

A combination of luck but most of all, hard work and perseverance

Mark Stevenson and The Collaborative Economy

Before we start this post I would like to invite the reader to watch this clip, and especially pay attention to what he says about technology versus management at 3:30:   “technology is accelerating five times faster than management”, a very intriguing phrase, and what is perhaps worth considering is what the largest manager off […]