The Fixer


Chez Richard

Of course I had taken some French classes in school. For four years. My teacher was a stiff woman with goldfish eyes. In all those years, I had never seen her smile; not once. When I was in Drachten, the reality was Frisian and Dutch. In that order. When I was studying in Groningen later […]

Semolina from Ghent

I had my dream job in my pocket but there were still a couple of hurdles to jump. The party was over, now the serious stuff would start. Because landing your dream job is one thing, keeping it is another. As a Dutchman “with a past,” they would keep an extra close eye on me. […]

Raging Bull

‘Bold people own half of the world’, that is how a Dutch saying goes. Lobbying often requires that boldness. Guts and daringly going for your goals. And sometimes it is the exact opposite. Dutch are often perceived as crude when abroad. In combination with a big mouth, they often miss their goals. Even more so […]
Are You Being Served?

Are You Being Served?

I always refer to De Clercq as my first employer. But that is not true. In psychology, this is called denial, which in this case is not so strange. The reason behind that is that I was really eager to do my first job right. But what kind of job was this? It turned out […]

The Cow and the Hare

A combination of luck but most of all, hard work and perseverance

Dare to Dream

At that time, I was mostly lobbying for myself, not for clients. Very instructive for later and I sincerely mean that. An internship was a mandatory part of my International Relations studies and an internship abroad had extra prestige. At a very young age, I knew what I wanted to do and become. Going to […]

Yes, We Can Can

First steps in Brussels

Arriving in Brussels

Having an eye for opportunity

A Lobby Intro

An intro to the stories of a Lobbyist

The Fixer

Access2Europe presents The Fixer