Digital Public Affairs

One of the most striking lessons we learned after our years in Public Affairs is that it urgently needs a 21st century update.

Considering that an important part of PA is communication, it is not surprising that digitalisation is not the first thing that comes to mind. The nuance of social interaction is not (yet) digitalised. And yet, if done well, digitalisation could significantly increase the impact of an organisation’s professional network, create numerous networking opportunities, rationalise research and content management and increase a company’s visibility in a way that is simply not possible with your traditional PA tools.

A computer might not be able to reproduce the finesse of a seasoned PA professional, but it can strengthen his or her impact. With this in mind, we have developed three products: The Network Database, Digital Public Affairs and The Knowledge Hub.

The Network Database

This tool is without question the most powerful of the three. It does not only mind-map your network, but links all your contacts with events, legislation, policies, projects, sectors and so on. This database is entirely customisable: You choose with data and elements to add and how they relate to each other. No more Excel sheets, but a sophisticated network that tells you who to contact, which companies are involved, events that are organised and so on.

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Digital Public Affairs

Visibility is vital for any company or organisation and certainly for those hoping to sit around the table with decision makers. A typical PA firm will organise luncheons, on-site visits, door-knock programs and so on to increase your visibility. Surprisingly, the internet of things is seldom included in this strategy. Yet, a good ‘Digital Public Affairs’ strategy is potentially more powerful than any traditional PA strategy and a lot less costly. It allows you to reach a far greater audience and if done well, will allow you to guide public perception and emphasize the position of your company. Better yet, the power of Digital Public Affairs is still very much an untapped opportunity.

Be digital, become visible, read more about it here

Your Knowledge Hub

A good PA strategy is attentive to every cog in the machine. The cog dealing with content, research and data is often overlooked, however. Getting five MEPs around a table during an expensive lunch is impressive, but worth very little if there isn’t an adequate understanding of the topic. Research needs to be done well, thorough, with an academic attention to detail and nuance. Moreover, this data needs to be accessible, centralised and applied to the right context. Your personal Knowledge Hub will help you rationalise all your data, streamline your research and make sure that not a single document is overlooked.

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