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To promote the concept of Diplomacy at work, we now offer this event almost free of charge

Diplomacy, Enterprise Edition – Your Team Building and Soft Skill solution

Your employees likely have a cartload of practical experience and knowledge (programming, marketing, managing, accounting…), that is what you found on their CV, and that is why you took them in. Soft skills are often mentioned and desired but perhaps too often taken for granted. Team-spirited, pro-active, articulate and creative are hard to measure. Moreover, they are frequently location dependent: being creative and team-minded does not automatically mean an employee is like this in his new environment.

That these soft skills are vital is widely understood. How to train these skills becomes a challange. Expensive team-building events and coaching sessions are all part of trying to get the team work in tandem, pro-active and creatively. The effects of these actions… is not always relative to the costs. There is one group though that is known for its assertive and professional attitudes, and those are the employees with a background in DIPLOMACY.

Charisma, professionalism, teamwork and creativity are the soft skills of any diplomat. These actors get together to find a solution to a problem, or an opportunity to a reality. Out of the box thinking is key, as well as structured debate and diplomacy. Through working out all possibilities and alternatives, and keeping in mind everyone’s position the team of diplomats arrives at an ideal solution.

Imagine that this is the team-building event for you and your employees? Structured, goal orientated, pro-active and creative? This is the Enterprise edition of Diplomacy: where employees take up the role of diplomats in a simulated United Nation committee. Through structured debate and teamwork, participants try to find a solution to a global problem (terrorism, nuclear proliferation, drought, religious freedom). These types of conferences are famous for their appeal as well as honing the participant’s professional skills, such as:

  • Diplomacy and courtesy: participants are required to speech in front of a large room, as well as negotiate with their fellow ‘diplomats’. Respect in both conversation as well as demeanour are essential. Be diplomatic in how you make your point, and so will others.
  • Structured Debate: the rules of the debate are the heart of this event. These directions prevent meetings/debates going in every direction. Moreover, it encourages participants to think organised and present their argument structured.
  • Creative Thinking: world Hunger doesn’t get solved by only planting more trees. Global problems ask creative solutions. Synchronously, solutions also need to bring everyone around the table. Finally, it also means (creative)compromising.
  • Pro-active: be assertive and take the initiative, go out and talk to your fellow diplomats to convince them of your point of view and solutions. Participants are constantly in the limelight, silence throughout the conference is not an option.
  • Teamwork: there are three levels of teamwork during ‘Diplomacy’ conferences. You have to present a coherent opinion with your fellow diplomat. afterwards, you’ll need to work closely with your allies and finally, you’ll need to work together as (simulated) United Nations to find a resolution.
  • Charisma and professionalism: stand straight, be awake, comb your hair, and speak with eloquence and elegance. Being a diplomat is also making a good impression in verbal and non-verbal communication.
  • Debate: communicating your point is one thing, being able to convince is another. Diplomats will learn that there are more sides to an opinion and more nuances to a problem. Coherently framing them and convincing your colleagues of your point is an art on itself.
  • Quick and flexible thinking: as is customary during meetings, participants need to pay attention and be able to make quick and on-point remarks. Through using their placards, your employees take the floor and react on earlier made points.
  • Empathy: one of the most important factors of ‘Diplomacy’ is that you’ll be defending a position not your own. It creates respect and understanding when you encounter future opinions different than your own.

  • But most of all, this team event is simple creative and awesome fun. And it’s an exciting event that you can organise for your company as a unique team building activity unlike any other you’ve done before.


    Diplomacy – Enterprise, is a two-day conference for your employees. Instead of an adventure day in the Ardennes, or a hiking trip in the Alps, your employees will be diplomats for two days, mastering the art of deal-making in the largest (simulated) international organ of the world.

    Diplomacy is based on the concept of ‘Model United Nations (MUN)’. This event is immensely popular with students to learn practical and professional skills. Large legal and financial corporations actively support MUN delegations (such as the famous Belgian MUN Society Belgium –currently the best MUN team in the world) and use it as a hiring pool. This shouldn’t surprise as experienced MUN-delegates are ambitious, diplomatic, structured and assertive individuals who have experienced the advantage of creative and goal orientated teamwork. You can have this conference at your company, have a unique and fun and competitive team-building event while at the same time appreciate the added value of a Model United Nation conference.

    Lets start organising

    How does it work? Diplomacy-Enterprise is a 2-day event that starts both days at 9 AM in the morning and ends at 6 PM in the evening. This can take place either on a weekend or on weekdays, but is always connected. Your employees will take up the role of diplomats at the Security Council of the United Nations. Two weeks before the conference, we off Access2Europe will sit together with the participating employees, explain them the rules and tell them what will happen in the coming days before the event. They will get familiar with their positions, possible solutions and the Global Problem they will need to solve.

    Send us an e-mail at EULobbyAcademy@Access2Europe.eu , or give us a call at +32 (0)495 50 17 36 , for more information, and we’ll explain you in detail how to have your very own MUN conference organized at your company.

    Tailored to you

    While Diplomacy - enterprise follows the rules of a normal MUN conference, we are open to create an amazing event, tailored to your needs.

    • Timing: Traditionally a 2-day MUN conference takes place on a Saturday and Sunday. However, it is no issue to organise it on weekdays if it is more convenient for you.
    • Period: From start to end takes 2 weeks, with an introduction on day 1, small briefings in the two weeks leading up to the event and the grand finale during the two day conference. Those 12 days are not set in stone however, and we can work out a time period that works ideally for you.
    • Location: If your company has adequate space (a spacious meeting room), it can take place there. Otherwise, we successfully organised such events before at The Hotel and Residence Palace. If you really wish to make it an experience, there is an option to combine it with one of our other products: inZentiveInBarcelona, and take your team for a week in Barcelona to be trained by Wytze Russchen, with the conference as the Grand Finale.
    • MCU: MUN Club ULB is the talented and ambitious MUN team of the ‘Universite Libre de Bruxelles’. They will make sure the whole conference runs smoothly.
    • Organiser/chair: Sam Biebaut of Access2Europe will organise and chair the conference. He is an experienced and awarded MUN’er. He started as delegate at the VUBMUN (Vrije Universiteit Brussel – Model United Nations), and took over the team the next year as head-delegate. During his tenure, he trained his team in the art of diplomacy, debate and research. His team’s hard work was awarded at the Harvard World MUN at Vancouver with 7 Diplomacy awards, ranking his team in the top 10 of the world.

    Curious? Check out this youtube clip and a couple of documents that we’ll be using during the event:

    Access2 Education

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