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Access 2 Policy

Knowing how policies evolve into law is vital for your company or organisation, whether they are local, national or supranational. We understand this policy pipeline. It is part of our education and part of our experience.

Access2Europe can take that worry of your chest. With more than 20 years under our belt, and young professionals with experience in research and politics, we can keep you up to date on the policy field of your choice. Whether it be through organizing an event and meeting the European Union decision makers directly, monitoring which laws are in the pipeline, or keeping you up to date on events and meetings on the topic that interests you, we take care of it.

All of our products related to policy come with a plus behind their name. They are custom made to your company. The information we deliver is structured, and related to your sector. We give a prognosis on how these policies might develop, on your demand as off a 2nd opinion from neutral experts in the field and propose a potential plan of action.

In short, when we occupy ourselves with policy and how it relates to your company, you will receive a user-friendly structured and researched document tailored to your needs, with actions points and advise on where to lobby.

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under Access2Policy, we propose the following products:

  • Events and Receptions
  • Public Affairs
  • Monitoring
  • Public Relations

Access 2 People

A consultant is more than an outside advisor or organizer, but also a connector. We at Access2Europe can put you in touch with Europe, whether it be political, institutional or cooperate. Our extensive network has been built over decades and include EU commissioners, multiple DG’s, CEO’s, think tanks executives and so on.

Through events, face to face meetings, (business) associations, digital reach, round table meetings, work groups, we can get you in touch with the right people.

  • find the right business partners for you
  • put you in touch with the policy makers vital for your organization
  • connect you with the services that are vital for you
  • Face to face is the most obvious form of getting access to people. However, a well thought out public relation strategy, with a sound digital platform will allow your company to communicate a strong, limitless message that will get interested parties to get in touch with you. We want to make sure, together with you, that your digital message corresponds with the people who you’d like to get in touch with.

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    under Access2People, we propose the following products:

  • Events and Receptions
  • Public Affairs
  • Digital Affairs
  • Association Management
  • Public Relations
  • Access 2 Events

    True to Belgium’s Burgundian legacy, it is said that the political world of Brussels and the European Union is best discovered with a glass of cava in one hand and your business card in another. After more than 20 years active in the world of lobbing and networking, we can only agree that the potential of topic specific events were multiple groups meet to discuss sector centred issues is an efficient formula.

    For this reason, we at Access2Europe take pride in creating not just events with food, and expensive drinks, but also high levels targeted invitees and above all the necessary content and information to get the most out of your event. The main function of the event is to network, communicate your cooperate message and debate about solutions that include all stakeholders.

    As such, regarding our events:

    • Each event with us is closely coordinated with you and what your aims are.
      • Our network is vast and our ambitions high. The people we invite, and the keynote speakers we propose are both high level and related to the goal of your event
      • We will research the background (policy, laws, official communications, etc…), present it structured and in the context of your event
      • We can propose and contact associates who might have the same objective as you. This can be beneficial: You can present a stronger more credible front as well share the costs of the event.
    • Digital Affairs is one of our unique products, and is part of our events. The webplatform with which invitees’ registers will be a multipurpose portal:
      • People will be able to register through it
      • We will keep the website up to date with related information regarding the topics you prefer (policies, laws, positions etc.)
      • As initiative takers, you will be able to publish your position on the topic
      • We will use our network to spread this website to all interested parties. This will not only inform invitees, but also interested parties on the topic that the events cover. Your enterprise will be known as an invested and active participant.
      • If you desire, we can use the website to allow interaction from the public with your event. How, when and with which purpose depends on each event
    • We will always try to think with you, and propose the most appropriate and creative solutions and options to the goal which you wish to attain
    • We take great pride in knowing all the potential locations, and to choose the one which is most appropriate for your business
    • having created a good working relation with caterers, we can supply your organization with the best delicacies

    An event can be a workgroup, a round table debate, a reception, a monthly network drink, an exposition, a product launch,.. We will be there with you to organise a pleasant, memorable, but above all a productive event.

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    under Access2People, we propose the following products:

  • Events and Receptions
  • Public Affairs
  • Digital Affairs
  • Association Management
  • Public Relations
  • Access 2 Digital Affairs

    The concept of digital affairs comes close to its analogue brother ‘Public Affairs’. If Public Affairs is the art of communicating to stakeholders statistical and factual information on policy and legalistation, and lobbying the position of those stakeholders to polcy makers and legislators, than Digital Affairs is the art of structuring that information online and linking your companie’s position to governmental positions (whether they be local, national or supranational)

    Digital Content Management has only recently been acknowledged as a valid and effective marketing tool. Companies, such as Boeing, Technics, and Pioneer have had very impressive results when turned their static webpage full of gobbledygook (We advise to read the gobbledygook manifesto), into an active and content-rich website. We at Access2Europe feel that the potential of this digital tool is even more valuable to companies who wish to communicate their position and their stakes.

    As with Public Affairs, Digital Affairs goes further than supplying information, policies, legalistation and statistics. An important part is communication and lobbying. On facebook, blogs, forums, podcasts,… letting the people know that your company is active will have impact the way your company is seen to the outside world. With one post, you can reach out to thousands of interested voices of that debate. Find the right channels, and your company could be considered the trend setting voice on a certain topic.

    You are an invested player, a stakeholder who has the right to weight on the debate. Illustrate and show this to the world. Get in touch with us, and we’ll help you every step of the way


    • Events and Receptions
    • Public Affairs
    • Digital Affairs
    • Association Management
    • Public Relations

    Access 2 The Lobby Academy

    The Lobby academy is a new education concept in the world of consultancy and lobbying. An education project that is divided into courses, coaching sessions and events. Our starting point is a hands-on approach where the focus is on concrete and practical knowledge. For this reason, we only work with people who have proven practical knowledge in the field

    Training is the core of The Lobby Academy. The prime courses we offer is in the field of ‘Lobbying’. Through practical examples, Wytze Russchen will explain you how the subtle and intricate world of lobbying works, which pitfalls to avoid and where to start. Moreover, participant will be registered and invited to potential networking events to give them a headstart with networking. An experienced manager with decades of experience in efficient, effective and productive management is also ready to give a class.

    Coaching sessions are closely linked with the training we give, but can be followed separately. At this point, there is a coaching session on Strategy, given by Wytze Russchen, and on Personal Branding, given by Sam Biebaut.

    Events are one-time occasions where we will encourage participants to think outside their professional environment, and in function of the clients demands. Each event is a conceptualized whole. At this moment, we have two such products: ‘Enterprise MUN’ and ‘inZentiveInBarcelona’. Enterprise MUN, is a simulation of the United Nations, where employees will have to work together to find a common and creative solution to global issues using charisma, debate, quick thinking and above all: Diplomacy. inZentiveInBarcelona is a meeting with the city of Barcelona where your team can meet each other again.

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    What we offer, product by product 

    Events and Receptions

    It is said that the world of Brussels and the European Union is best discussed with a glass of cava in one hand and your business card in another. With all our experience, we can only agree with this, get in touch with us so we can tell you how

    Public Affairs

    Finding out who is who in Brussels only takes a 10 min google search. Getting in touch with the right people, however, takes an experienced and well connected lobbyist


    Want to stay on top of your game? have no legal surprises, or missed opportunities? Tell us what your goals are, and we'll make sure you are on top of what plays in Brussels

    Association Management

    How do you become a stakeholder? How do you make sure you're sitting around the table? How can you make sure your signature means something? We'll tell you how

    Digital Affairs

    A 5 euro promo instagram picture with the right tags might have more effect than an 10K+ expensive ad. Digital content creation is a powerful and scalable marketing tool.

    Public Relations

    Whether you want a speech written, an event created or a strategy implemented, we will help you create the image you need.


    You want to become a lobbyist? Luckily, the 'The Fixer' isn't letting his 23 years of experience retire

    Team Events

    We apply our philosophy of content also in our Team Building Events. Ask us about how we can create a unique and content rich experience for your team


    Allow your team to be coached. Whether it be strategic coaching, personal branding, or team building, we will guide you all the way: