Learn to Lobby

with Wytze Russchen 

The Lobby Initiation Course

The art of lobbying is complex, delicate, elegant yet forceful and powerful. With the right timing and words, mountains can be moved.

It takes years of practice and dedication to build a network, fine-tune your relations and know the right words at the appropriate time. The traditional trajectory of a lobbyist starts as an intern, hope to become a junior and slowly climb the ranks.

This initiation course allows you to jump-start your lobbying career. It will be a trajectory of sharpening your pen and wits, advise on how to build up your network and what the job of a lobbyist entails. If you wish to become a lobbyist, and become one of the many in Brussels, follow this course to become one of the few to stand out, deliver what is needed and connect those who are looking for each other.

After these four days, you'll,:

  • Be able to avoid beginner’s mistakes and avoid the pitfalls that are common in the Lobby world. We show you the way forward while avoiding the dead-end turns.
  • Get the most out of your experience as you make your way through the lobby world.
  • Learn who to network, where to find the appropriate contacts and how to initiate a dialog.
  • Find out about the different branches in the Lobby world (PA, PR, DA, Monitoring, tendering, etc), and which one to start with or avoid altogether.
  • Know where to look for the right deals, and how to close them.
  • Find your talent and specialization and build up your unique identity that clients know you for.
  • Learn through hands-on examples and practical application of Wytze’s lobby experience.


The current intake session is completely booked. However, we regularly plan and organize new courses for those wishing to learn the finer details and nuances of the Art of Lobbying. Shoot us an e-mail at EULobbyAcademy@Access2Europe.eu or use the form below to let us know you are interested.

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